Weave Minimal Server

Fazal Majid did a really interesting hack where, frustrated by trying to get the Weave Server running, he built his own minimal server. It’s not surprising that he found installation difficult; it’s a complex system, and the latest migration was a real challenge (ironically, we made it harder this time so that it would be easier in the future).

His effort wasn’t enough to be particularly usable outside his own needs – it lacks auth, security, data validation, storage, and a whole host of other things – but it got me to thinking about what our users want locally. We’ve been very careful to open up everything to the user so that they have the ability to do the sort of things we’re doing with the large production cluster. However, some of those decisions, driven by multi-box large-scale needs, will look really weird to someone who just wants to run a weave server for himself and half a dozen friends. It’s overkill.

Thus, I started hacking, and have come up with a super-easy to install minimal weave server that should work fine for a small installation. It’s a full implementation of the storage API, including auth, but setting it up requires just one line in your apache config. There are no options, or even a config file – it simply sets up a SQLite DB in the directory and uses it. Users are added and deleted by a script in the directory.

It’s still a prototype, and I’d love feedback on whether it really was as easy to install and get going with your client as it should be. For now, the tarball is here. Let me know how it works for you.

You’ll need a relatively recent php with sqlite, mbstring and json support, and apache, preferably running ssl. Give it a shot and let me know how it worked for you in the comments.

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259 Responses to “Weave Minimal Server”

  1. Jon Pritchard Says:

    Will ‘–with-pdo-sqlite’ in phpinfo() work? Thanks.

  2. Fazal Majid Says:

    It is certainly useful for the large number of people who would rather use PHP than Python. Shouldn’t the SQLite DB be protected, either in the Apache config, or by putting it in a directory outside the document_root hierarchy?

    One issue I was dealing with is that my server config is nginx + PHP-FastCGI, where implementing URLs that are routed through index.php is trickier than with a straight Apache + mod_php configuration.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      >Shouldn’t the SQLite DB be protected

      Unless they have a particularly weird Apache layout, it should be. The alias doesn’t require the folder to be in the document root hierarchy, and if it’s just in /weave apache will funnel all requests to the index.php file regardless of what file is requested

      I suppose if they put it somewhere different, but still inside the document root file, and exposed all the document root as a tree it might be addressable and you’d want some sort of configuration preventing access. I can’t host it somewhere else in the filesystem because there’s no guarantee that a particular path would be around for me to locate it at other than ‘.’.

  3. psychowood Says:

    I had some problems setting it up on Windows (using microapache, Apache 2.x based w/ PHP 5.2).

    Both ORIG_PATH_INFO and PATH_INFO were empty strings -> “Function not found” -> I have used REQUEST_URI instead:

    —————– index.php [109-118] —————–
    $path = ‘/';
    if (!empty($_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’])) {
    $path = $_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’];
    else if (!empty($_SERVER[‘ORIG_PATH_INFO’])) {
    $path = $_SERVER[‘ORIG_PATH_INFO’];
    else if (!empty($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’])) {
    #substr necessary to trim the leading “/weave”
    $path = substr($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], 6);

    Moreover, the Alias command did not work as expected:

    Alias /weave ../WebRoot/weave_minimal/index.php

    correctly redirected the “http://server/weave” request alone, while trying to get, for example, “http://server/weave/0.5/blah/info/collection” gave a 404.

    Resolved using

    AliasMatch ^/weave.* ../WebRoot/weave_minimal/index.php


    At least now I receive the auth request correctly, will try later the rest.

    I’m not sure if they were Windows related rather than microapache related, anyways this was waaaaaay more easier to setup than following the wiki, thanks for your efforts :)

  4. psychowood Says:

    Minimal server up and running, but sync with 0.6 fails at


    404 “record not found”.

    0.7pre2 syncs, but with lot of errors in the activity log…

    I think I’ll try the non-minimal version of the server to see if it can hel identifying the problems.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Is your username ‘user’? That would be the only way the URL you have here makes sense.

      It’s trying to find ‘user’s clients collection, so not all that surprising you don’t get anything.

      It’s possible you have an old about:config value messed up. I might try resetting all of those, then changing the serverURL one

      It could also be that microapache on Windows has it’s own set of quirks, but I don’t really have a lot of insight there.

  5. psychowood Says:

    I put “user” there just to generalize the url, but probably wasn’t a good idea :)
    I tried with different users on different OSes (MAC/WinXP) even on a clean install of firefox 3.5.3 (new install, added 0.6 client, tried to sync with a new user), I can’t sync at all.

    microapache AFAIK should be nothing more than a complete Apache build stripped of every extra (plugins and modules), I just added the modules needed for weave (and I’m using it to serve RoundCube too without problems, and it is a rather complex app, too).

    I’ll try another web server tomorrow (probably XAMPP and/or WAMP), but for what I could understand (I put some lines of logging code here and there) it is working correctly, it’s the DB that does not contain a collection named ‘storage’, and the 0.6 client does not try to create it during the first sync (I’m not sure that it should, tho).

    Complete log here

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Ah, this is interesting. The problem is that http://emulator/weave/0.5/testuser/storage/clients/?full=1&sort=index should never return “record not found”, which means there’s something wacky about microapache processing urls. Try the following:

      Right near the end of line 117 is $path.’//’

      Change that to $path.’///’ – I bet it fixes it. Stupid php.

      • psychowood Says:

        Nice try, but no luck, the trailing slash does not change anything :(

        Anyways… gotcha :)

        Look at my 1st comment: I get the path from $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]. I does not work as expected, because I end up having a path containing the query string, too (and I couldn’t compare it with ORIG_PATH_INFO and PATH_INFO).

        Replacing REQUEST_URI with SCRIPT_NAME fixes everything.

        Don’t blame php or microapache, blame me :)

        And thanks for the support!

  6. Jan Huijsmans Says:


    Thanks for the minimized version. It works nicely, but I’m having problems determining why the user authorization fails. (0.7 client) Is there a way to get some extra debugging out of the script? (Yeah, I’m not a php programmer, so maybe I’m missing something obvious)

    The user used is the same as createuser reports having created correctly.

  7. Sam Says:

    Much easier to set up and configure than the full server, the biggest problems I faced was getting all the php bits installed since I’ve never used php before (and had intentionally disabled it on my webserver, such is my loathing of it…)

    So, some thoughts:

    The README could do with explaining just how you ‘run’ the create_user script – most unix people would expect ./create_user to ‘just work’, rather than needing to invoke /usr/bin/php create_user.

    Under debian at least you also need the php5-cli package installed to actually have a /usr/bin/php to run too.

    There’s possibly a typo in the URL to fetch the first time to create the db too, I think “collection” should be “collections”?

    It doesn’t effect the creation of the db, but it produces a 400 error code which is confusing if you’re trying to debug whether the server is running correctly, if the example was “collections” then you’d get a 200 code and “[]” as the content I believe, which is a bit more of a clue that you’re on the right path. :)

    Might also be worth a mention in the README that if you’re using a self-signed certificate, you’ll need to visit the site in the browser window to add an exception for the certificate, otherwise the add-on will give a less-than-helpful error message. I think that’s mentioned in the wiki somewhere, but I’d forgotton by the time I finally got everything else working, so having it as a step to follow in the README would be good IMO.

    Thanks for working on such a useful addon though, I’ve long run a local IMAP server at home to let me read my mail on different machines and clients, and have absolutely longed for an “IMAP for bookmarks” that let me have a local server, this looks like my wishes have finally come true. :)

  8. Felix Hummel Says:

    Hi! Thanks for this nice and easy to install server!

    I wrote a script that automates the installation process, because I always forget stuff. You can find it here: https://launchpad.net/~felixhummel/+junk/weave_minimal_install_script



  9. jd Says:

    Great work!
    maybe remove your weave_db file from the tgz to make it work ?

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Hah. Forgot to delete the db. Fortunately it only contains bogus data, but thanks for the heads-up.

      It’s safe to remove, and I’ve gotten it out of the tgz.

  10. JRansomed Says:

    Thank you for making a minimal server! I installed the full server previously and am really excited about switching to the minimal. I have run into some problems with this and am unsure what is happening. I followed the instructions and have created a user. I’m pretty sure the user has been created as the create user script complains if I try and create it again. I can’t seem to get my computer running weave to connect (Weave version 1.0b1). I’m getting an error about the username and password not being correct. I even went as far as dumming down the password to 1234 and still no luck. Do you have any suggestions or a way to generate more logging?

    Here are some 404 errors I’m seeing in Apache’s access log:
    “GET /weave1.0/stevenjv/info/collections HTTP/1.1″ 404 308 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5″

    “GET /weaveuser/1/stevenjv/node/weave HTTP/1.1″ 404 302 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5″

    Again, thank you for putting your time and effort into this project.


    • tobyelliott Says:

      Sorry, have been out for a few days.

      Looks to me like you need to add a / to your urls in the client. it should be /weave/1.0, not /weave1.0

      • JRansomed Says:

        No worries. Certainly no need to apologize. ;-)

        You are correct. I thought I had tried https://server/weave/ in my client config at some point and it appears I had not. I had https://server/weave. Adding the trailing / fixed the client connection.

        Thank you for developing this minimal server. It works great!!! So much easier than setting up the full server. This will make many many people happy. Job well done.

  11. El Rico Says:

    Hi Toby,

    I just switched over from the full-blown weave server. It seems like the function to change user passwords is not implemented in the minimal server, is that correct?

    If so, are there plans to introduce this feature to the minimal server?

    Best regards

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Yes, it’s not implemented. It’s a question of tradeoff – it complicates things somewhat in that you need to support a new path, meaning more configuration, etc.

      I suspect that the best answer is to add a change-password function to the user creation script. I’ll see what I can do there.

      • tobyelliott Says:

        Version of create_user has been pushed with the ability to change passwords. Just drop in replacement create_user and weave_storage.php files from the tarball.

      • El Rico Says:

        Thanks for your fast reaction. The password changing feature is an important addition to the create_user script.

        It does however not solve one issue: the user is not able to set a password that the admin does not know of (unless the user is given shell access, which admins might consider inappropriate). I understand the trade off against simplicity, which is what the minimal server aims for, but the added security could make it worthwhile, especially if the additional setup steps remain optional.

  12. xandl Says:

    Thanks a lot!

    This server works great, very nice for a home lan.


  13. Leonardo Fontenelle Says:

    Thanks for the great job!

    I’m trying to install the minimal server here, but I need help with this error messages Apache is throwing on me:

    [Fri Nov 27 17:00:21 2009] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 4 in /srv/http/weave/index.php on line 117
    [Fri Nov 27 17:00:21 2009] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 3 in /srv/http/weave/index.php on line 117

    I am able to open a test php page, but the weave url gives me 404 errors.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Hmm. Do you have the latest version? line 117 is a } :)

      I’m guessing that you’re not picking up the path properly. The only way to get a 404 is to not have the /1.0/ in the URL, so either the URL is wrong, or apache isn’t putting the path into PATH_INFO or ORIG_PATH_INFO. You might try adding error_log($path); right before list($version,… which should be right nearby line 117.

      Do you get a 404 from https://%5Bserver%5D/1.0/%5Busername%5D/info/collections ?

  14. Leonardo Fontenelle Says:

    It was, in fact, an apache/php misconfiguration. Sorry to bother :)

  15. jldugger Says:

    Working neatly here. Thanks to Felix for posting a script to review where I was going wrong. Any chance an official project page can be set up on Google Code or Launchpad?

    • tobyelliott Says:

      All the code is open source, so you’re welcome to mess with it to your heart’s content. I’m still trying to figure out how best to get the minimal server into our hg repositories in a way that makes logical sense (the full server and documentation for it is available as documented in various other posts on the blog. Contributions are welcome!)

  16. Leho Kraav Says:

    i can report that installing latest hg pull weave server according to 1.0 instructions @ https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Weave/Sync/1.0/Setup has gone considerably smoother for me than any other previous releases. i actually have a working weave server now.

  17. Mark Waters Says:

    Thanks for this!
    I have tried previously setting up the ‘full’ Weave server and failed , this was much easier.
    Got 2 clients syncing to our internal https server without any real problems.

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  19. Guy Halse Says:

    Thanks for this. It’s perfect for me, and dead simple to install.

    I’m running the server on a dedicated virtual host with no /weave in the path (in the document root). This means that the Alias line suggested in the readme doesn’t work. What does is:

    RewriteBase /
    RewriteRule ^index.php – [L]
    RewriteRule ^(.*) /index.php/$1

    It might be worth putting a note about this in the readme.

    Also, I appear to need:

    php_admin_flag zend.ze1_compatibility_mode Off

    to get PDO to work properly.

  20. Irishlander Says:

    This is an good Idea but it will not work!

    I always get an Error 505 when i open the URL – I’ll try the orginal one

    • tobyelliott Says:

      505? Wow. The original one isn’t going to help you there – that’s your server refusing to process the HTTP version coming from the client. Do you have an unusual Apache configuration?

  21. Definiendum Says:

    I’m trying to set up this on a shared hosting site that allows no aliases and runs PHP via CGI. I think I got the right rewrite rule but all I get now is an empty 404 error without any message.

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  23. Michael Says:

    Had a small problem that took me a bit to figure out… When I went to the “1.0/username/info/collections” url, i was asked it I wanted to open or download the file “collections” I opened it in a text editor, and it was an error:
    Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘could not find driver’ …

    my phpinfo() says I have PDO sqlite2 (not sqlite) so I changed the line the error pointed at (weave_storage.php:60) to:

    $this->_dbh = new PDO(‘sqlite2:’ . $db_name);

    and poof it works!

  24. I. Hamilton Says:

    I had to browbeat my Ubuntu server into installing php5-sqlite, but once I got THAT done, the thing works perfectly so far!

  25. mnt Says:

    After much frustration with mozillas weave server i wanted to implement one myself.

    Thanks for sparing me the work. Yours works flawlessly.

  26. Christian Schuglitsch Says:

    My first thought was: Does it fit onto a OpenWRT/DD-WRT/Tomato-Router with e.g. 8 MB flash and 32 MB RAM while running all the other services a router has to provide? My router has an USB port with a high capacity USB stick.

    Such a thing would be perfect for LAN. E. g. I want to have synchronized Bookmarks but no usage statistics and such. This could better be done on a powerful Desktop machine and when I decide to delete or move bookmarks I will use them more or less in the future.

    And really I don’t trust anyone saying that my bookmarks and usage statistics are secure on the internet – there’s almost no more valuable data than this and attacks are likely.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      It probably fits for a small group. The codebase is tiny, and the average user uses somewhere around 1MB worth of encrypted data.

  27. Gemini Says:

    Hello and thank you for that minimal server as I was a bit frightened by the real one ;)

    However, it seems that I can’t make it work : I am using lighttpd as web server so that may be the cause.

    I installed it, went to the url you recommanded, entered the bogus login informations, but then firefox tells me that it can’t find the file at https://aries/weave/index.php/1.0/blah/info/collection and then I can see that the sqlite base is not created.

  28. josi Says:

    It works on lighttpd as well. I tried on Debian Etch and used the following alias rule:

    $HTTP[“host”] == “weave.mydomain.com” {
    alias.url = (“/weave” => “/path/to/your/weave_minimal/index.php”)

    Be sure to have your weave_minimal directory writeable by www-data (of course also for apache).

    Yesterday I spent 2 hours trying to set up the overkill real weave-server. Today it took me 5 minutes to set up this one! Big thanks!

    • Gemini Says:

      Thanks ! That is what I did and actually it was better than before, yet I have no weave_db file created :/

      I have the auth screen, I enter the bogus info as said in the README. The browser then tells me that I have an application/json file to download. The content of the file is “Database unavailable”.

      The rights are 777 on the folder in order to make sure this is not this kind of problem.

      In the log file, I have the following errors in the log file : weave.domain – [01/Feb/2010:21:54:39 +0100] “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.1″ 401 11 “-” “Links (2.2; Linux i686; 157×58)” weave.domain – [01/Feb/2010:21:54:39 +0100] “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.0″ 401 1 “-” “Links (2.2; Linux i686; 157×58)” weave.domain – [01/Feb/2010:21:54:46 +0100] “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.0″ 503 22 “-” “Links (2.2; Linux i686; 157×58)”

      If anyone has an idea …

  29. till Says:

    falls man keinen Zugriff auf die Apache Config hat und mod_rewrite aktiv ist reicht eine .htaccess mit folgendem Inhalt:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !^.*index\.php$ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.+)$ index.php/$1 [L]

  30. jan Says:

    A better instruction is necessary! I am pretty new to apache2 and mod php. How do i Find ot if my php version is sufficient, the suggested line does not work for my site. I get the field to insert the password but the db is not created. the user and permissions of the weave directory are set right.

    78.xx.1xx.11 – blah [01/Feb/2010:16:33:50 +0100] “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.1″ 404 20 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091216 Iceweasel/3.5.6 (like Firefox/3.5.6; Debian-3.5.6-1)”

    is all i get. so how do i debug this script?

    • tobyelliott Says:

      You aren’t at the debug stage – the log is showing a 404, which means it doesn’t like your Apache alias and you aren’t pointing to the file at all. Check that part and make sure that your file paths are all correct.

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  32. Mike Says:

    One question regarding security: If everything in the minimal_server is lost to a hacker, is it safe to assume that one still has nothing to worry about, provided your passwords are secure?

    For example, I’m not an apache guru, but I’d like to set this up. If I do, and mess something up, (for example leaving my database world readable), do I have anything to worry about?

    Thanks a lot!

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Just as with the normal server, all your data is stored encrypted. You need the passphrase (which you set up in the client and never leaves the client) in order to decrypt it.

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  35. Marcel Says:


    I just installed weave_minimal on a mini-server running lighttpd/php. Userbase is max. 3-4 ppls concurrent thus the minimal version seems to be clearly the way to go, esp. as I dont wanna run mysql there (huge overkill).
    Installation was smooth, as I had php/pdp-sqlite already in place for the rest of the webpage. Basic functionality works.

    However I have a few questions:
    1) Will this minimal version be maintained over coming releases of weave e.g. 1.1 through 1.5?
    2) Is there any docu for it? As of what features work and which not?
    3) Any more development planned? I think this version is all most people need.

    Oh, and I noticed a few small things not working. Not sure if it is simply unimplemented features. One is the password change, that gives always an error – only works with the included script.

  36. jubal Says:

    Hi Toby,

    Much obliged for the minimal-server code. I followed you over from the Ars Technica thread. Some suggestions for your README to help those web admins just a tad more:

    1. Note that the weave dir, on the filesystem, has to be writable by the Apache process in order for the SQLite database to instantiate. Otherwise, the second auth screen never appears, which is an indicator that the dir ownership isn’t set up correctly.

    2. The create_user script is run using php at the command-line, not invoked through the web. (This gave me pause for a few minutes.)

    3. I know this is silly, but yes, you need to use Firefox when running through the initial scripts. Safari doesn’t work; it just tries to download the last string in the path :-)

    Looking forward to a slightly more streamlined release, if you have time. Again, much obliged!

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  38. onionfx Says:

    @jan and maybe others:

    I had problems creating the DB
    On Ubuntu I installed sqlite and php-sqlite, restarted apache and DB created :)

    Not sure which worked or if you need both

    apt-get install sqlite php5-sqlite

    All the best

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  40. nonpolar Says:


    I am trying this on a OpenBSD Box. Unfortunately I cannot log-in successfully. The verbose log shows the following:

    2010-02-12 23:08:46 Service.Main INFO Logging in user nonpolar
    2010-02-12 23:08:46 Net.Resource DEBUG GET fail 401 https://my.server.here/weave/1.0/nonpolar/info/collections
    2010-02-12 23:08:46 Service.Main DEBUG Finding cluster for user nonpolar
    2010-02-12 23:08:46 Net.Resource DEBUG GET fail 404 https://my.server.here/weave/user/1/nonpolar/node/weave
    2010-02-12 23:08:46 Service.Main DEBUG Using serverURL as data cluster (multi-cluster support disabled)
    2010-02-12 23:08:46 Service.Main DEBUG cluster value = https://my.server.here/weave/
    2010-02-12 23:08:46 Service.Main DEBUG Exception: Login failed: error.login.reason.password No traceback available
    2010-02-12 23:09:03 Service.Main DEBUG Caching URLs under storage user base: https://my.server.here/weave/1.0/nonpolar/

    The Apache error log states that the access to /htdocs/user etc. is forbidden. I am wondering why this path is accessed?


    • tobyelliott Says:

      The 404 is correct – if the client gets a 404 there, then it defaults to the current url.

      The 401 in the previous line is the problem – the client is unable to authenticate with the server. Did you create an account?

      • JohnW Says:

        Toby, I’m having the same issue:

        GET fail 401 http://weave.example.com/1.0/myusername/info/collections

        But when I go to the address in Firefox, I am prompted to login over and over and over again. When I view the database in the SQlite Manager Firefox extension, it looks like my “create_user” script worked and added myusername and md5ed password to the database. Any ideas? I’m using mod_rewrite:

        RewriteEngine On
        RewriteBase /
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !^.*index\.php$ [NC]
        RewriteRule ^(.+)$ index.php\/$1 [L]

        since I don’t have permissions to change my Apache config.

  41. nonpolar Says:

    Yes I created an account. Hmmm. Maybe this is a configuration issue. OpenBSD Apache is running chrooted. Could be a problem with the Alias.
    Is there a possibility to point to the index.php script using a directory directive instead of an alias?

  42. Hopeful Weaver Says:

    Basic question: does minimal weave require WebDAV in order to function? I have been trying to get it working but I can’t even authenticate with the weave extension or just plain Firefox

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  44. Dreamhosted Says:

    Can this be done without the Apache alias? I know a lot of folks would like to run this off of their Dreamhost accounts. If you just “ln -s weave_minimal weave” or even “mv weave_minimal weave” you still get 404’s for http://mysite.com/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection. I’m not a web developer so I’m not sure what the subtleties of the alias command are in Apache. Is there a hack that will have the same effect?


  45. Dreamhosted Says:

    Ugh. I figured it out finally. Weave minimal_server now runs on a Dreamhost account. I’m not a web programmer so I my solution may be poor. In fact it is. I’m running it using http. Call me a rebel or a fool. I’ve set my preferences up so that I sync bookmarks and preferences. They aren’t a big security issue. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you are syncing passwords. If you are doing this don’t re-use an important password for the weave server either.

    For those who want to use Dreamhost, here’s how it can be done for the minimal server 1.0.

    ln -s weave_minimal weave
    cd weave
    set .htaccess to have the following lines:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*)
    RewriteRule ^(.*) – [E=REMOTE_USER:%1]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !^.*index\.php$ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.+)$ index.php?`\/$1 [L]

    Edit index.php:
    after line 85:
    else if (array_key_exists(‘REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER’, $_SERVER))
    $auth_str = $_SERVER[‘REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER’];
    alter line 117:
    list($base, $version, $username, $function, $collection, $id) = explode(‘/’, $path.’//’);

    Two issues are handled here: Dreamhost doesn’t run mod_php and Toby’s FastCGI hacks didn’t work there either; Dreamhost users can’t change the Apache config to use an alias. The altered index.php line and the ln command handle the fact that I can’t add an Apache alias line to the config. You could forgo those two bits and run weave straight out of your http://myweave.com/ directory, but I wanted to be able to install other weave servers later and cleanly switch between them.

    I’m using FastCGI, PHP5 and have nothing else on the domain. The rest of the instructions are as Toby says.

    Thanks for the airing of problems here, they helped a bit in figuring this out.

    • Dreamhosted Says:

      Hmm, by runs I guess I mean the clients successfully connect. I’ve had several machines connect and upload their data. None seem to download any merged results. The database just gets bigger. Back to debugging.

  46. Maslow Says:

    Hi –

    Finally gotten minimal weave to setup within 20 minutes of fiddling.

    A few notes I would like to point out that others have already done that would make someone who setup minimal weave for the first time.

    1. The directory where you install minimal weave should have write permission to the user running the apache process. For Ubuntu, it’s www-data. So you would “sudo chown www-data.www-data /var/www/minimal_weave”.

    2. “alias /weave /index.php” in apache config file which pointed out in the README. Notice the file “index.php” to the alias.This is contrary to what most web admins have been configuring on their apache where “alias /directory /var/www/domain” points to a directory. This is very important because if you don’t have the alias path point to the index.php file, you will get a 404 error.

    3. There are requirements that you would need to make this work. Minimal weave uses SQLite database. You will need to apt-get install php5-sqlite to meet the software requirement. php5-cli is also required.

    4. The path https://server/weave/1.0/blah/info/collections looks flunky. The 1.0/blah/info/collections is not an actual path on your server. It’s an internal minimal weave data path in the database or file. As long as you have https://server/weave/ in your URL, you should get an error message beside 404 because https://server/weave/ is the index.php file.

    5. To create new user you would use the create_user script. Just type “php create_user” in shell. It will prompt you whether you want to create, delete, or change password.

    6. When configuring your Firefox weave add-on on the client, for server url, you need to enter https://server/weave/ (Don’t forget the trailing slash!).

    Weave is pretty cool once you have it setup.

  47. Burnstreet Says:


    just wanted to say thanks for this nice piece of software.


  48. rjone Says:

    Hi, and thanks for making this software.

    I have some issues syncing though (Debian + Apache).
    In firefox, I seem to be able to log in correctly.
    However, when I hit “Sync Now” (e.g. in the Weave menu in the lower right corner), I can see the following from the “Activity Log” (replaced the real hostname and user with SERVERURL and USER, and I run apache at port 942):

    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Service.Main INFO Logs reinitialized for service reset
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Engine.Clients DEBUG Resetting clients last sync time
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Store.Clients.Store DEBUG Wiping local clients store
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Store.Clients.Store DEBUG Setting client !_!f8_fyng: {“name”:”eystein’s Firefox on chief”,”type”:”desktop”}
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Engine.Bookmarks DEBUG Resetting bookmarks last sync time
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Engine.Forms DEBUG Resetting forms last sync time
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Engine.History DEBUG Resetting history last sync time
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Engine.Passwords DEBUG Resetting passwords last sync time
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Engine.Prefs DEBUG Resetting prefs last sync time
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Engine.Tabs DEBUG Resetting tabs last sync time
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Service.Main DEBUG Uploading new metadata record from freshStart
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Service.Main DEBUG Setting meta payload storage version to 1.0.1
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Net.Resource DEBUG PUT Length: 84
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Net.Resource DEBUG PUT fail 400 https://SERVERURL:942/weave/1.0/USERNAME/storage/meta/global
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Service.Main CONFIG Starting backoff, next sync at:Sat Mar 06 2010 14:04:58 GMT+0100 (CET)
    2010-03-06 12:34:07 Service.Main DEBUG Exception:

    400 Bad Request

    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

    Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) DAV/2 PHP/5.2.6-1+lenny6 with Suhosin-Patch mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.8g Server at SERVERURL Port 942

    No traceback available

    Help on this one please?

  49. SunSide-IT » Mozilla Weave -Firefox AddOn Says:

    […] es Mozilla mittlerweile auch macht empfehle ich aber den “kleinen Bruder”, den Weave Minimal Server. Die Installation hierbei ist in ein paar Minuten […]

  50. wefberatio Says:

    I had one of this dirty cheap webhosting with php5, mysql, and ssl self signing. (Jomla, and phpBB3 or Typo3 works fin on it)
    Could i get it work on it?

  51. fo0bar Says:

    Thank you for this server. Just installed it and it works flawlessly (once I had installed the php5-sqlite ubuntu package :-)

  52. PgPatch Says:

    here is a small patch to make minimal server work with Postgres. I should probably work with Mysql, just change the DSN in weave_storage.php with your mysql data.


    It is working great for me. Thanks Toby.

  53. PgPatch Says:

    I just updated this postgres patch. There was a small error.


  54. PgPatch Says:

    Here is a new version of this patch. There was a small error with transactions.


  55. Leho Kraav Says:

    is the minimal server code compatible with weave sync 1.2 client?

  56. Aaron Says:

    Here’s a possible fix to make this work with the standard URI mechanism in $_SERVER (including lighttpd, apache, etc.):

    — index.php 2009-11-11 11:11:29.000000000 -0800
    +++ index.php.fixed 2010-04-28 03:00:02.000000000 -0700
    @@ -112,6 +112,10 @@
    else if (!empty($_SERVER[‘ORIG_PATH_INFO’])) {
    $path = $_SERVER[‘ORIG_PATH_INFO’];
    + } else {
    + // Aaron’s fix
    + // Path is in $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]
    + $path = substr($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], strlen($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]));
    $path = substr($path, 1); #chop the lead slash
    list($version, $username, $function, $collection, $id) = explode(‘/’, $path.’//’);

  57. Helge Says:

    just tried to set it up under Windows 7 + XAMPP.
    But i always get an “invalid user or password” error in client (v1.2.3)

    Here’s what I did:
    1. copied all content of tgz file to xampp/htdocs/weave_minimal directory
    2. set up alias in httpd.conf
    3. called https://localhost/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection to create DB
    4. ran: php create_user -> c,user:user,pass:pass
    5. set up client – tried http and https (https://localhost/weave)

    any suggestions how to figure out the prob?


  58. Helge Says:

    well here’s what i got – cleared log and redid…

    [05/May/2010:14:50:06 +0200] ::1 TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.1″ 1
    [05/May/2010:14:50:11 +0200] ::1 TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.1″ 23
    [05/May/2010:14:51:41 +0200] ::1 TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA “GET /weave1.0/fcpp/info/collections HTTP/1.1″ 1284
    [05/May/2010:14:51:41 +0200] ::1 TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA “GET /weaveuser/1.0/fcpp/node/weave HTTP/1.1″ 1284

    ::1 – – [05/May/2010:14:50:06 +0200] “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.1″ 401 1 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; de; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)”
    ::1 – blah [05/May/2010:14:50:11 +0200] “GET /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection HTTP/1.1″ 401 23 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; de; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)”
    ::1 – – [05/May/2010:14:51:41 +0200] “GET /weave1.0/fcpp/info/collections HTTP/1.1″ 404 1284 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; de; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)”
    ::1 – – [05/May/2010:14:51:41 +0200] “GET /weaveuser/1.0/fcpp/node/weave HTTP/1.1″ 404 1284 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; de; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)”

    [Wed May 05 14:49:21 2010] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication …
    [Wed May 05 14:49:21 2010] [notice] Digest: done
    [Wed May 05 14:49:22 2010] [notice] Apache/2.2.12 (Win32) DAV/2 mod_ssl/2.2.12 OpenSSL/0.9.8k mod_autoindex_color PHP/5.3.0 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.0 configured — resuming normal operations
    [Wed May 05 14:49:22 2010] [notice] Server built: Jul 22 2009 11:35:54
    [Wed May 05 14:49:22 2010] [notice] Parent: Created child process 11048
    [Wed May 05 14:49:23 2010] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication …
    [Wed May 05 14:49:23 2010] [notice] Digest: done
    [Wed May 05 14:49:24 2010] [notice] Child 11048: Child process is running
    [Wed May 05 14:49:24 2010] [notice] Child 11048: Acquired the start mutex.
    [Wed May 05 14:49:24 2010] [notice] Child 11048: Starting 150 worker threads.
    [Wed May 05 14:49:24 2010] [notice] Child 11048: Starting thread to listen on port 443.
    [Wed May 05 14:49:24 2010] [notice] Child 11048: Starting thread to listen on port 443.
    [Wed May 05 14:49:24 2010] [notice] Child 11048: Starting thread to listen on port 80.
    [Wed May 05 14:49:24 2010] [notice] Child 11048: Starting thread to listen on port 80.
    [Wed May 05 14:51:41 2010] [error] [client ::1] File does not exist: D:/xampp/htdocs/weave1.0
    [Wed May 05 14:51:41 2010] [error] [client ::1] File does not exist: D:/xampp/htdocs/weaveuser

    well anyway – i foun something strange:
    I also deleted the weave_db before i redid.
    but when I wanted to create the user I got an error about the name not beeing unique.
    I could delete the old user and then create the new

    Shouldn’t deleting the weave_db clear out all users?

    perhaps it writes the db to a wrong place on my HD?

    • Helge Says:

      isn’t there a slash missing?

      [05/May/2010:14:51:41 +0200] ::1 TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA “GET /weave1.0/fcpp/info/collections HTTP/1.1″ 1284
      [05/May/2010:14:51:41 +0200] ::1 TLSv1 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA “GET /weaveuser/1.0/fcpp/node/weave HTTP/1.1″ 1284

      [Wed May 05 14:51:41 2010] [error] [client ::1] File does not exist: D:/xampp/htdocs/weave1.0
      [Wed May 05 14:51:41 2010] [error] [client ::1] File does not exist: D:/xampp/htdocs/weaveuser

      when i remeber the full server there were alias-“folders” 1.0 and user

      but above it tries to connect to htdocs/weaveuser instead of htdocs/weave/user and htdocs/weave1.0 istead of weave/1.0,…

      if that could be the reason – how can i fix it?

  59. Niki Says:


    Thank you, exactly what I was looking for. Got it up and working within 5 minutes :-)


  60. Umberto Says:


    I feel so stupid. :-(

    Am I the only one that gets a 403 instead of a login prompt under apache 2.2 on a xp box?

    Apache says
    [Wed May 19 21:19:23 2010] [error] [client ] client denied by server configuration: E:/xampp/weave_minimal/index.php (which is the correct path)

    I followed the README instructions several times but I can’t find my fault. The above shown directory is fully accessible for everyone (but it’s not in my htdocs…I figure it doesn’t have to)..

    Any help is greatly appreciated


    • Umberto Says:

      Ok, update

      I get the auth windows but it does not create the weave_db file

      When I run the create_user script anyway the weave_db file is created.
      But when I try to connect with the weave client (FF addon weave_sync 1.2.3) I keep getting

      DEBUG GET fail 503 https://weave/1.0/umberto/storage/meta/global

      for every contact to the server…

      Any help is still greatly appreciated


  61. juergenmw Says:

    Great Script

    GOt it up and running. One question – is it not possible for users to change their password? I geat an error when trying this from within the client.


    • tobyelliott Says:

      Yes, the minimal client does not support any of the weave-auth functions (creating accounts, changing emails, passwords, etc). There’s a script along with the server that will let you create, delete and change passwords.

  62. Firefox synchronisieren - Firefox synchronisieren, Firefox Sync, Lesezeichen synchronisieren, Server, Firefox, Sache - Data Travelers-Blog Says:

    […] die sich nicht die Mühe machen wollen und die keine Lust auf Verzweiflung haben, gibt es den Weave Minimal Server. Aber nochmal, ein eigenener Weave-Server ist IMHO nur eine Sache für die Leute, die einen […]

  63. x2on Says:

    I Tried to install it on an Ubuntu 8.04 Server. I can create the database, but Firefox Sync 1.0 says: “Please enter a valid server URL” when i try to configure the Addon. Any Ideas?

    • John Doe Says:

      Hey x2on.

      I had the same problem. When setting up the new sync account choose:” I already set up a computer” This way you won’t get the message “Enter a valid server URL” and can sync right away.

  64. Der eigene Weave Firefox Sync Server - eigenen Firefox Synchronisation Server, Weave Server, Firefox Sync Server, Server, Firefox, Weave - Data Travelers-Blog Says:

    […] Theoretisch bräuchten wir dazu den Mozilla Weave Server aber jeder der sich dem Ding einmal angenähert hat, der weiß, dass es nicht ganz einfach ist, dass Teil zum laufen zu bekommen. Eine Alternative dazu ist eine abgewandelte minimale Form davon, mit der wie hier arbeiten werden, nämlich der Weave Minimal Server. […]

  65. ocg Says:

    Hi, I have problems to extract the “.tgz”. – Could you upload / send me a “.zip” file? Thanks ahead.

  66. ocg Says:


  67. balu Says:

    Worked very well for me,
    thanks for this pice of software :)

  68. AdamW on Linux and more » Blog Archive » Neat thing of the day: Mozilla Sync Says:

    […] Weave is a big complex thing, so one Mozilla guy – Toby Elliott – has even created a minimal Weave server implementation which is a tiny little thing you can run on just about any web server which provides enough […]

  69. balu Says:

    Hi tobyelliot,

    after running weave minimal server on my own machine.
    There i startet with a very first version (of minimal server and of mozilla weave).
    I always upgradet both versions, and everything workted fine.

    Now I wanted to add a new user to this Host / DB.
    There the Problem began,
    I klicked “never used firefox sync” then
    entered “custom server” and the url (something like https://www.domain.de/weave/)

    After some secounds the Plugin shows the message, “please enter a valid server-url”

    if i click “i’ve already used firefox sync” and enter the exact same url,
    everything is just fine.

    Is this a problem of my config / the plugin / or minimal server ?

    Asking for help


    • balu Says:

      fixed the problem,
      was some file-right strugle
      (error_log didn’t worke in my installation so i havent seen error output)
      took long time to find this ;)

  70. psychowood Says:

    Hi again,
    I’m trying to migrate my weave minimal server installation to another host.

    Simply changing sync urls in about:config didn’t work.
    I then noticed that there where many ‘servername’ references in the db, so I tried with a massive sqlite update (search&replace oldservername -> newservername).

    I keep getting
    GET fail 301 http://OLDSERVERNAME/weave/1.0/USERNAME/storage/keys/privkey
    Could not get private key
    Couldn’t download keys from server, aborting sync
    PubKey HTTP status: 200
    PrivKey HTTP status: 301

    Did I forgot to overwrite some setting somewhere?

    Thanks in advance

  71. Torben Dannhauer Says:

    Thanks for this minimal server, it works :)

    fotr all users who use mod_fcgid with suexec:

    you need to configure mod_fcgid to pass the Header “Authorization” from browser to php:

    Simply add a second line after or before your “Alias weave/ ….” to your VHOSt configuration file:

    Passheader Authorization



  72. Tom Says:

    Hello tobyelliot

    I want to thank you for this easy to install minimal weave server.

    I am using it on Mac OS X Server 10.6.4. I even used Apples Server Admin GUI to add the alias. So I not even had to use a text editor to change the Apache config :-) That’s really easy!

    Like someone before already said, it would be nice to mention in the README that the create_user script uses php and has to be run at the command-line as /usr/bin/php create_user.

    And some words to the access rights and file and folder permissions will make the minimal weave server experience even more smother than it already is :-)


  73. Creating your own Firefox Sync Server · Daniel Rabenau Says:

    […] minimal server download minimal server blog sync server api […]

  74. Sebastian Says:


    I just reinstalled weave_minimal on my new server.
    Everything went fine.
    But when i entered my ServerData into FirefocSync 1.3.1 I wasn’t asked for a secret passphrase.
    When I looked into the saved passwords entry for sync/weave, only foo was entered. After deleting the passphrase-entry, firefox still synched fine.
    Did they cancel the user-data encryption or is this a bug in weave minimal server?

    Your’s sincerely


  75. Lasse Lindner Says:

    Thanks for this piece of software, works great so far – but migrating the db from one host to another is a thing that should be really improved, or better said: be supported in future releases. Creating a new database when hostname changes is annoying.


  76. Alexander Schomburg Says:

    This awesome dude from Denmark found a solution to use weave minimal server on NGINX: http://superhack.dk/2010/3/2/got-mozilla-weave-working-with-nginx

    Took me hours of try-on-error and googling to stumble upon this genius blog entry.

  77. William Says:

    worked great, thanks!

  78. Sven Says:

    Thank you for your effort to create a weave minimal server. :)

  79. damnick Says:

    When i try to create a user i get the following error

    create_user:SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 8 attempt to write a readonly database

    Shoud i have to change the permissions of weave_db ?

    Now the permissions are: 644

    • damnick Says:


      I didn’t use sudo to create user

      • tobyelliott Says:

        Hmm, usually it doesn’t require it, but it’s possible that the permissions things are running under may be a little different in your setup. Glad you found a workaround, though.

  80. John M. Stam Says:

    Hi, and thanks for all your efforts on the minimal server!

    I’d like to learn whether the recommended way to get it is by checking out from hg, or grabbing the tarball. I see constant changes to the hg repository; are these minor bug fixes, and is the hg version considered stable?

    • tobyelliott Says:

      The tarball is the last version that’s been fully tested. Every once in a while we may incorporate fixes from the main branch, but those are at-your-own-risk until we roll a new version.

  81. [Browser] Firefox 4.0 und Updates, FAQ Says:

    […] ► http://www.data-travelers.de/2010/06…nc-server.html ► https://tobyelliott.wordpress.com/200…inimal-server/ Mit Weave Sync liessen sich auch Erweiterungen wie zB Xmarks ersetzen. App-Tabs sind eine […]

  82. Rene Kanzler Says:

    I have modified the storage backend code to work with ADOdb. For now it’s only tested with MySQL. Please read the included instructions.
    I hope you like it and as usually all comments and suggestions are very welcomed.
    Download: http://www.downit.de/854168


    • balu Says:

      OH :) looks realy nice,
      i would like if the “weave_storage_adodb.php” would move into the normal weave minimal server.
      works greate for me :)

  83. dakkar Says:


    in FF4 Beta 4 it’s not possible for me to configure the server on the client.
    When i enter https://$FQDN/weave/ in the Server textbox, it complains about a invalid server url.
    Changing the Url in the about.config will be reverted as soon as i enter the sync dialog back to the default mozilla url.

    any ideas?

  84. Weave Minimal: Mozilla Sync en un servidor propio « Delirios de un Informático Says:

    […] Pero problema es que (como no podía ser de otro modo con Mozilla) el servidor es una tortura instalarlo. Por eso un usuario ha creado una versión mínima que reemplaza MySQL por SQLite y requiere poco más que descomprimir un archivo y añadir una configuración al servidor web (ya sea Apache, Nginx o Lighttpd). El código fuente con las explicaciones puede descargarse desde la página del autor. […]

  85. Effetto Says:

    Please update this guide to get work with FF4 and make more clear on official Sync website that users can to set up own servers. I reach this page after a lot of searching.

  86. Weave Minimal with Firefox Home (iPhone)Tom Says:

    Firefox Home (1.0.2) for iPhone now supports the use of private Sync Servers.

    If I try to connect to my Weave Minimal Server I get a “User not found” Error message.

    The log shows something like this:
    GET /weave/user/1.0/name/node/weave HTTP/1.1″ 404 20
    In contrast the access from an FF Sync Client looks i.e. like this: GET /weave/1.0/name/info/collections, where “name” is the users login name.

    So it seems, the FF Home Client uses /weave/user/1.0/ and the FF Sync Client uses /weave/1.0/ as access URL.

    Any ideas to get the Fireox Home App working together with Waeve Minimal Server?

  87. Rainer Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m facing the same problem here. I also have the full weave (not minimal) up and running fine with firefox, the only problem is that the iPhone client “Firefox Home” isn’t syncing with it. The problem with my server is the exact same as described by Tom.

    Let me know if you find a solution…


  88. Von Xmarks auf Firefox Sync gewechselt | blog.windfluechter.net Says:

    […] kein großes Unternehmen bin und den full-featured großen Server nicht brauche, hab ich weave-minimal installiert. Sebastian Kuhne hat eine kleine Anleitung zur Installation in seinem […]

  89. Christopher Arndt » Blog Archive » Tschüss Xmarks, hallo Firefox Sync! - Life of my Brain Says:

    […] selbst, wenn man einen eigenen Weave Server für kleinere Installationen aufsetzen will, den Minimal Server zu verwenden, zu dessen Betrieb nur ein Webserver mit PHP-Unterstützung und SQLite benötigt wird. […]

  90. rfk Says:

    Hey, I just setup the minimal weave server with a single user in the database but I cannot make the Firefox Sync 1.4.4 plugin work on my Firefox 3.6 installation. The problem is a 404 when entering the server URL (http://x.x.x.x/weave/) as it tries to fetch “/weave/user/1.0/a” to which the server returns “Function not found” (index.php:120). Is it not working any more? Also when entering my username in the plugin wizard it says that it is already in use (seems like it checks the Mozilla servers)…

    Thanks in advance.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      The 404 is the correct behavior – the server doesn’t implement the registration functions.

      Don’t tell it you need a new account – you have one existing on the server, and shouldn’t need to go through account creation.

  91. Xeross Says:

    I have installed it and succesfully connected however as soon as I try to sync I get an error.

    Things that struck me as interesting on the apache logs:

    GET /weave/1.0/xeross/storage/keys/pubkey HTTP/1.1 404
    GET /weave/user/1.0/xeross/node/weave HTTP/1.1 404

    What is going wrong here ?

    Thanks, Xeross

    • kwalker Says:

      I’m having the same problem here. It says it’s connected in the preferences, but when I click the sync icon at the bottom of the Firefox screen, it says there was an unknown error and that it will retry, but the retry button is gone. I also noticed that while GET /weave/1.0/user/info/collections works, the javascript it returns is just a pair of brackets.

      I’m using Firefox 3.6.10, Firefox Sync 1.4.4, and the weave-minimal server from here.

      • tobyelliott Says:

        This sounds like a potential client problem – the response would be correct if you had no data on the server.

        Check about:sync-log for more detail about why the client isn’t happy.

      • kwalker Says:

        Yes indeed it does appear to be a client problem. Firefox 4.0b6 syncs fine. Additionally, about:sync-log tells me that the crypto library isn’t available for my platform (Fedora 13, Firefox 3.6.10-1, i386/i686, kernel, gcc 4.4.4). Crap. I was hoping this was something I could fix on my end.

        2010-10-08 09:54:50 Service.Main INFO Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100920 Fedora/3.6.10-1.fc13 Firefox/3.6.10
        2010-10-08 09:54:50 Service.Util WARN Component @labs.mozilla.com/Weave/Crypto;1 doesn’t exist on this platform.
        2010-10-08 09:54:50 Service.Util WARN Component @labs.mozilla.com/Weave/Crypto;2 doesn’t exist on this platform.
        2010-10-08 09:54:50 Service.Main DEBUG Crypto check failed: TypeError: Svc.Crypto is undefined
        2010-10-08 09:54:50 Service.Main INFO Could not load the Weave crypto component. Disabling Weave, since it will not work correctly.
        2010-10-08 09:54:50 Service.Main INFO Weave Sync disabled

  92. Firefox Sync, setting up own sync server | from where i live… Says:

    […] https://tobyelliott.wordpress.com/2009/09/11/weave-minimal-server/ is where you can get the minimal server. […]

  93. Xeross Says:

    Here you go:

    2010-10-06 19:13:12 Service.Main INFO Logging in user xeross
    2010-10-06 19:13:13 Net.Resource DEBUG GET success 200 https://weave.x3tech.com/weave/1.0/xeross/info/collections
    2010-10-06 19:13:13 Net.Resource DEBUG GET fail 404 https://weave.x3tech.com/weave/1.0/xeross/storage/keys/pubkey
    2010-10-06 19:13:14 Service.Main DEBUG Idle timer created for sync, will sync after 5 seconds of inactivity.
    2010-10-06 19:13:14 Service.Main DEBUG Exception: Can’t sync: Weave is disabled No traceback available

  94. Firefox Sync with your own server «Thias' Blog Says:

    […] the dedicated server part, downloading the weave minimal server from here and following the included instructions was enough to get it running with apache within […]

  95. Linux в Новосибирске | Blog | Firefox Sync Says:

    […] домашней сети настоятельно рекомендуют использовать weave-minimal-server (Weave – старое название […]

  96. Ron Says:

    Been running it since April on Linux (Debian) for two notebooks (1 Linux, 1 Windows). Been working all this time. Thanks!

  97. Nathan Says:

    I followed the instructions and after some tweaking was able to get it to work, at least part way. The preference panel says it’s connected, but I get an “Error While Syncing” message and about:sync-log gives me:
    PUT Length: 76
    PUT fail 500 https://myserver.com/weave/1.0/myaccount/storage/meta/global
    Starting backoff, next sync at:Mon Oct 11 2010 18:30:49 GMT-0400 (EST)

  98. marcolino Says:

    Hi tobyelliot,
    I’m running minimal server and works fine with Firefox sync 1.4.4. A few days ago I updated to Firefox Sync 1.5 and does not work.
    Can You confirm?
    Please take a look here:

    Do you have a fix for this?

  99. psychowood Says:

    No problem here syncing weave minimal against ffsync 1.5.*. You could try doing a full sync with 1.4.4, then upgrade to 1.5 and do a full resync replacing all the server data with your pc data (backup first :) ).

  100. Firefox Sync « Blog von Christian Berendt Says:

    […] Server (heisst jetzt aber Firefox Sync) aufsetzen. Ausreichend fuer die Synchronisierung ist ein Fork, der nur minimale Funktionen zur Verfuegung stellt. Das ist einfach nur ein Skript in PHP, welches […]

  101. Firefox 4 beta 6 « iTank / Ideas Tank Says:

    […] puedes montar un servidor propio como Firefox Sync Server con PHP y MySQL o un Weave Minimal Server con PHP y […]

  102. AnimaInvicta Says:

    I installed Weave minimal server on my LAN (the PATH_INFO bit didn’t work for me so I added SCRIPT_URI to the choices) and Sync1.5 on two boxes (one Debian and one WinXP), but when I try to sync (in both cases), I get
    PUT fail 405 http://MyURL/weave/1.0/MyUserName/storage/meta/global
    Apparently, Apache isn’t accepting the PUT. The GETs seem to be working (at least, they’re getting 200 codes), and the sync fails before getting to the POST.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Hmm, the app never returns a 405, so it’s something about your webserver config that’s having issues here. Using SCRIPT_URI may also have strange consequences – make sure that the values for collection, etc are correct after the split.

  103. Mozilla Weave -Firefox AddOn » SunSide-IT Says:

    […] ist.Wie es Mozilla mittlerweile auch macht empfehle ich aber den “kleinen Bruder”, den Weave Minimal Server. Die Installation hierbei ist in ein paar Minuten abgeschlossen:Projekt-URL: […]

  104. psychowood Says:

    Firefox Home 1.0.4 will work using this https://support.mozilla.com/it/questions/758124#answer-118460 hack to the weave minimal server index.php.

  105. regissounet Says:


    I can’t download the tgz archive I got a 404 not found error with the link http://people.mozilla.org/~telliott/weave_minimal.tgz.

    Any mirror/new link?

  106. hmmm Says:


    Got some Questions:
    “Add the following line to your apache config:
    Alias /weave //index.php” Wehre can i find the apache config file?

    “Restart your apache server. Point your browser at https://localhost/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection. ”
    why 1.0? where to enter the password?

  107. hmmm Says:

    Hi again!
    I was wondering if there exists a guide for an installation/configuration of your weave_minimal under windows

  108. Phil Says:

    [Sat Jan 22 21:40:22 2011] [error] [client] store_object: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 14 unable to open database file

    can somebody tell me what is wrong ?!?!
    It stops at entering the “Sync key”
    skvm001:/var/www/sync# ls -allh weave_db
    -rwxrwxrwx 1 www-data www-data 8.0K 2011-01-22 21:03 weave_db

  109. rfk Says:

    Anyone knows if there is some sort of web interface available to access weave-minimal (bookmarks, etc.)?

    Unfortunately the Firefox Home iPhone app still doesn’t work with weave-minimal on self-signed HTTPS.

  110. Firefox sync (weave) | codiert.org Says:

    […] history, passwords, etc to a server, of course data will be stored encrypted. There is a nice blog post which provides a link to a tiny weave minimal server implementation. After installation you just […]

  111. Jason Says:

    I’ve been happily using weave-minimal for around a year. However at some stage during the 4.0beta cycle, something has gone wrong and now I have one Fedora 4.0b10 and one Win7 3.6.13 browser where weave won’t sync! Weird thing is it still seems to be working on a different Fedora 4.0b10 install! (ie I have 3 computers with weave using the same account on a weave-minimal server, with three different “description” values)

    The error says

    Sync encountered an error while syncing: Unknown error

    …not very helpful. The Apache logs show the browsers downloading stuff – but something goes wrong. All the sync keys are the same, along with the username:password of course. The horrible thing is that the 2 broken installs now only have ~30 of the ~300 website passwords I’ve created over the years.

    I could delete .mozilla and copy the working one over – but I’d need to change the description field to ensure I don’t trash my working one. Any suggestions how to do that properly? Offline is probably a requirement?


  112. Tobias Says:

    I am going crazy to set this up under Fedora 14.

    I installed: apache, php, php-cli, php-pdo, json, sqlite (php stuff comes from remi resp because Fedora has no php-sqlite package) and set SELinux to permissive mod.
    I point to the page where I am supposed to enter blah and garbage. The problem is, the weave_db will not be created, only if I run php create_user. I guess here lies the problem, but I do not know how to resolv it. I even set 777 permissions to the weave dir.

    Any hints? I would be *really* gratefull.

  113. Tobias Says:

    Got it!
    Here is a quick tutorial for Fedora (14)

  114. Marc Richter Says:

    Hi There,

    I tried to set up the minimal server exactly as mentioned and read all of the comments posted here so far. But it simply doesn’t work for me.

    What I have tried is to add the Alias to my site. When I try to open the address https://www.domain.de/weave , I always get the info “The files at https://www.domain.de/weave couldn’t be found.” from firefox.
    When I try to open the mentioned https://www.domain.de/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection, I get a different error from the webserver:

    “Not Found

    The requested URL /weave/1.0/blah/info/collection was not found on this server.”

    I set the whole weave directory to 777 to make sure the db can be generated, but it isn’t.
    I tried to generate it by issuing “php -f create_user”, too, but neither is anything created, nor is any error given by that.

    Could anybody help me please?

    • tobyelliott Says:

      If you are getting the generic not found message from the server, it suggests that the alias is not configured correctly, as you aren’t getting to the code.

      • Marc Richter Says:

        Sorry for my late answer. I have tried, and tried, and tried now several times without success. I am quite familiar with linux, apache an all this stuff since I’m working as a system administrator for a web marketing factory. So I think I’m capable of creating a working alias.

        When I open the page http://www.mydomain.de/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection in Chromium and Firefox, I get a login form. When I enter “blah” as user and “garbage” as pass, I get a page containing “”Database unavailable””. No new file is created within the weave folder.

        When I issue “php -f create_user blah” on the shell, NOthing is printed, no new file is created and nothing is written to the PHP error log.

        My PHP (5.3.5) is capable of json, mbstring and SQLite (controlled in phpinfo();).

        I really do not know what I’m doing wrong here.

      • Marc Richter Says:

        Waaaah !!! I could kick myself into my a… – I thought I had read everything in here – I’m trying with USE=”sqlite3″ currently … ;D

      • Marc Richter Says:

        …… OK folks – this fixed it! :)

        Thank you for all your help! :)

  115. FireFox Bookmarks auf eigenen Server syncen « ChaOsDroiD Says:

    […] Ich hab nun endlich mal eine gute Möglichkeit gefunden Bookmarks ect aus Firefox zu syncen. Und zwar mit dem Firefox Sync Addon (angeblich ab FF4.0 integriert) Auf dem eigenen Server braucht nur ein kleines PHP Script mit einer Sqlite Datenbank laufen. Es handelt sich dabei um eine abgespeckte Version des Mozilla Weave Servers (WeaveMinimalServer). […]

  116. Einen eigenen Mozilla Weave/Sync-Server (unter Gentoo) betreiben Says:

    […] ich hier das “Minimal Weave Server” – tar.gz – Archiv von der Originalseite zum Download anbiete, soll kein “mit fremden Federn schmücken” sein! Ich weise hier […]

  117. WladyX Says:

    Thanks a lot Marc, a was complaining here: https://tobyelliott.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/61/ about weave minimal server not working on PHP-5.3.5, but it seems all i needed was USE=sqlite3. I’ve been strugling with this for some time now, so your comment is really appreciated.

  118. ®om Says:

    I can’t make it work.

    I added : “Alias /weave /var/www/https/weave/index.php”.
    I went to : https://mydomain.tld/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection
    It asks for login/password, I entered “blah” and garbage.

    Then it said “Firefox can’t find the file at https://rom1v.com/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection” and no database is created…

    • ®om Says:

      (please replace rom1v.com by mydomain.tld in my previous comment, and remove this one ^^)
      (thank you)

    • Strainu Says:

      Make sure you’ve got sqlite and the php bindings, then restart apache. It worked for me when I had that error.

      • ®om Says:

        Thank you, I managed to create the database and to add the user.
        But when I try to configure sync in Firefox, it says the server url is invalide (while it’s ok : https:///weave).

      • ®om Says:

        The adress was truncated : https://myserver/weave.

      • tobyelliott Says:

        Try putting a / at the end

      • ®om Says:

        Same problem, Firefox doesn’t want this address : https://mydomain.tld/weave/

      • tobyelliott Says:

        That almost always means an apache configuration problem. Try navigating to https://mydomain.tld/weave/1.0/username/info/collections in a browser. If it doesn’t ask for authorization, there’s an issue with apache

      • ®om Says:

        Firefox asks for authorization on this address : https://mydomain.tld/weave/1.0/username/info/collections

      • tobyelliott Says:

        Hmm, OK. Are you going through the “I already have an account” process? Make sure you do that (and select “I don’t have the device with me”)

      • ®om Says:

        Ah ok ! This GUI is totally anti-intuitive (why talking about “device”?).

        So I clicked on “I don’t have the device with me”.

        Then I have another form.

        Account : my e-mail
        Password : my password
        (created by create_user)

        It asks for a sync key (the “next” button is disabled until you enter a sync key, but I don’t have any), so I clicked on “I have lost my other device”, and it says “Incorrect account name or password” (while they are ok, I just recreated them to be sure).

      • tobyelliott Says:

        It’s unintuitive because it’s not really built to handle the minimal server (see my latest post). Your sync key is the passphrase it’s going to use to encrypt the data.

        As to the incorrect password, have you tried entering the username and password directly in the auth? Note that if you’re using an email address as your username, it gets converted into a base32 string. Make sure you have the latest create_user script and it’ll do it for you automatically.

      • ®om Says:

        I tried using an username (when it asks for email) :

        $ sudo php create_user
        (c)reate, (d)elete or change (p)assword: c
        Please enter email: rom
        Please enter password:
        rom created

        But firefox still says that rom/password is incorrect.

      • Yoha Says:

        I had exactly the same troubles. The script create_user need an _email_. It then returns the key you need.

      • tobyelliott Says:

        That’s not the key – if you use an email address, it converts it to base32, and that’s the username that’ll appear in your apache logs. Encrypting your data with that will be highly insecure.

      • Yoha Says:

        So, very strange, cause it worked well as soon as I used an email account.

      • ®om Says:

        @tobyelliott: an idea about the reason why rom/password does not work in my Firefox ?

  119. Yoha Says:

    I had quite the same error as ®om bu, after restarting my apache2 server and logged in …/weave/1.0/blah/info/collection it created the database file.

    I also created an user account. However, Firefox (4.0) refuses to connect on my weave server… even if I change the services.synx.serverURL (and then it turns it to its default value).

    I think the last version of Firefox could have brought a lot of troubles. Maybe a new release or a new README would be useful ?

  120. Hermes Says:

    I met the same problem.
    I had changed services.sync.serverURL, but it changed/reset automatically to ”

    • tobyelliott Says:

      I’m not sure that’s the one you should be changing off the top of my head. You shouldn’t need to change any constants, though. Just select the custom server option when going through the setup process.

  121. r007 Says:

    Do you have an upstream repository of this somewhere but the tarball in here? I’ve done a bit of patching (most notably hacked in the user/1.0/$user/node/weave support to use Firefox Home on iOS), and I’d like to simplify my merging of your upstream changes. And possibly, have some of my changes merged.

  122. AhDear Says:

    Looks like this is way over my head.
    No chance of a nice point ‘n’ click install is there? Or some serious step-by-step from scratch how to’s?
    Some of us n00bs out there aren’t up to doing this but would still like to maintain privacy with the firefox sync server…


    • tobyelliott Says:

      You might try the python server that I mention in the latest post. However, that still requires some apache set up and configuration. The goal is to get to something point-and-click eventually, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

  123. Onio Says:

    Könnte jemand die create_user datei als php-datei umschreiben, welche direkt im browser ausgeführt werden kann? dies wäre hilfreich, wenn auf einem hostingpaket kein php-cli zugriff besteht. die datei müsste zum schutz vor manipulation natürlich nach änderungen gelöscht werden oder manuell umbenannt werden. das wäre echt grossartig.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      That’s what the full install is for. The minimal one was designed to pull that into a script.

    • r007 Says:

      You could always do the relevant modifications on your local system. Download the weave_db, modify the user, and re-upload. Sure it’s inconvenient, but once you start making the user script web-aware, you might as well start implementing the user API and use the browser (extension) frontend.

  124. Sascha Says:

    Great tool, but I have a few questions installing the Weave Minimal Server.
    Is it possible to configure it without doing any changes for the apache service. I don’t own a full featured server, only a managed server, so I can’t change apache settings.
    And I don’t want to save my browser passwords on a mozilla server :(
    If anybody can help me, feel free… :)

  125. Gregyski Says:

    I’m curious. Why do the 4 .php files require write permissions? This seems to me to be unnecessarily permissive. I’ve tried to lock down those files both through ACLs and directives, but both means cause syncs to fail. And yet these files do not get modified by the server as far as I can tell. Thank you.

    • tobyelliott Says:

      Hmm, that is odd. The db obviously needs write permission, but the files shouldn’t.

      What error does the server give you?

      • Gregyski Says:

        Because the README had said that the folder needed write permissions and not just the DB file, I had assumed when I was asking my question that my experience was the norm and was just trying to understand why the whole folder needed the permissions. Because of your response, however, I realized that this was not the case and I was experiencing something unusual so I investigated it more deeply.

        It appears that I was encountering a bug in Windows. For my convenience, I was using ICACLS to set the permissions on the files. It turns out that, if I apply a deny write ACL to a file from a normal user context (with admin privs) it breaks the ACLs for the file. But if I do it from an administrative command prompt, it would not. In the former scenario, it showed two identical deny write ACLs when I’d run ICACLS on a file, and only one (as it should be) in the latter scenario. (From the security GUI you couldn’t tell the difference between the two scenarios either from the Security tab or from Effective Permissions – they appeared identical). (Also interesting is that the same doesn’t happen if I apply the deny write from the user context using the security tab GUI, it’s only w/ ICACLS that this occurred.)

        So, I went ahead and reset all the permissions to inherit (which, since it’s under my website document root means read only for my Apache user context) and then set only the DB file to allow writes for my Apache user context. And syncing appears to be working again. I’ll follow up if anything else relevant to Weave users comes out of this, but this appears to be an esoteric Windows bug not specifically relevant to Weave.

        Thank you.

      • Gregyski Says:

        I have one correction regarding my previous post. Syncing continued to fail after I made the changed mentioned in the last paragraph. I did have to give the folder itself write privs in addition to the DB (although this still seems like it shouldn’t be so, to me). But as long as I applied the deny write privs to the 3 .php files accounting for the bug I mentioned, syncing continued to work.

  126. rfk Says:

    I just wanted to add another FF client (v4.0.1) but it says “wrong sync key”. The key is definitely correct and it works for example upon login with Firefox Home (iPhone). Already “connected” FF instances also sync well (I don’t want to disconnect one of those though…).

    HTTP logs say:
    “GET /weave/1.0/rfk/info/collections HTTP/1.1″ 200 142
    “GET /weave/1.0/rfk/info/collections HTTP/1.1″ 200 142
    “GET /weave/1.0/rfk/storage/crypto/keys HTTP/1.1″ 200 405

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  127. Cherokee & Firefox Sync/Mozilla Weave Server Says:

    […] up your own, but the installation process is incredibly bulky and error-prone. So it’s great someone made the effort of writing a minimal version of a Firefox Sync server, which only needs PHP with […]

  128. ns Says:

    I’ve gotten further with this than the full install version 1.1 but I’m stuck at this error now:

    Server incorrectly configured

    Based on the README, everything looks to be in place. I’ve been able to map the alias and write the initial sqlite database. I’ve created a user account and edited FF custom settings. In searching, I could only find one other reference to this error and it was caused by an incorrect URL; “/weave1.0/” versus “/weave/1.0/”.

    I’m also seeing about:config reverting back to the default string value instead of maintaining the changed string value but when I correct it, I see the connection hit my server logs. Will this value stick once it makes a successful connection?

    current weave_miniserver provided by link above
    – index.php looks to be last updated Feb 4 2011

    Iceweasel 4.0.1
    – services.sync.serverURL = https://myserver/weave/
    – Steps:
    — Sync Setup
    — “I don’t have the device with me”
    — Account = as setup through create_user php
    — Password = as setup through create_user php
    — Custom Server = “https://myserver/weave/”
    — Sync Key = “”
    — “I have lost my other device”

    Error returned “Server incorrectly configured” but there really isn’t any configuration I can see beyond the Apache config alias, directory ownership permissions and create_user.

    I see the server hit in my access log:
    <> – <> [22/May/2011:13:56:30 -0400] “GET /weave/1.0/<>/info/collections HTTP/1.1″ 400 413 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:2.0.1) Gecko/20110430 Firefox/4.0.1 Iceweasel/4.0.1″

    <> matches “<> created” returned by the create_user php so it apears

    This is a new install so there is no pre-existing sync data to fetch and the client side has not used the sync function. Maybe it’s complaining because it can’t find pre-existing data?

    Any help would be welcome. Managing browser sync data on my own server rather than involving a third party service would be fantastic.

    (A Debian package for this or the full weave server could be interesting also.)

  129. Sun][ =) » Blog Archive » Установка своего Mozilla Sync-сервера Says:

    […] не получилось, однако удалось найти следующий пост: https://tobyelliott.wordpress.com/2009/09/11/weave-minimal-server/ содержащий ссылку на Минимальный Weave сервер (Weave – […]

  130. eLGonZo.net » Blog Archive » The cloud is out – build your own cloudservice is in Says:

    […] versammeln sich gerade diverse Cloud Dienste zu einem persönlich für mich zusammengestellten Bouquet auf meinem eigenen Server, weil […]

  131. JoDe Says:

    This miniserver has been a blessing. You only realize how much you depend on it until it stops working…. Exactly this happens with the upgrade to Mozilla Firefox 5.0: Before the upgrade the latest “sync” plugin nicely syncs with this server, after the upgrade the plugin (version 1.7) reports: “Sync encountered an error while connecting: Incorrect account name or password”. Simply retyping the password does not work :(

    Do you know if or what changed with the upgrade to Firefox 5?

    • tobyelliott Says:

      First thing to do is to check if you have a really old minimal server: https://tobyelliott.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/61/

      FF5 started using 1.1 full time

      • JoDe Says:

        Thanks for your quick reply. I confirmed that the changes detailed in your post were applied.
        I subsequently also found your recent post https://tobyelliott.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/updating-and-deprecating-the-weave-minimal-server/
        After simply copying the files (and leaving the db intact) the error message in FF5 changed to “Server incorrectly configured”. I guess this is to be expected. I will have a go at that from home tonight and report my findings back.
        I’m sad to see the minimal server deprecated – it served very well for my family setup, but I understand your reasoning. Running the full server seems like too big a project for my needs. An even bigger thank-you for replying to my questions.

      • tobyelliott Says:

        You might find the python server is surprisingly easy to set up. Give it a shot and ask in the irc #sync channel if you run into difficulty.

        Also, I’ve been helping some other minimal users in the most recent post (though the title is about python). See if one of the weirder solutions there helps.

      • JoDe Says:

        Got it working with the new(er) php server. Did not have the mbstring extension installed.
        I think I’ll stick with it until it breaks and hope that by then (a) I have more time to tinker than I have now (with two small kids), and (b) the python code is even easier to setup :-)
        Anyhow, thanks again for your help and your awesome code!

    • rfk Says:

      It wasn’t working for me either so I investigated the problem and wrote a small patch that fixed it:

      — weave_minimal_original/index.php 2011-02-04 20:44:19.000000000 +0100
      +++ weave_minimal_working/index.php 2011-06-26 18:48:06.000000000 +0200
      @@ -59,6 +59,13 @@
      $path = substr($path, 1); #chop the lead slash
      list($version, $username, $function, $collection, $id) = explode(‘/’, $path.’///’);

      + if ($version == ‘user’ && $collection == ‘node’ && $id == ‘weave’) {
      + if (isset($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’])) {
      + exit(“https://” . $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] . dirname($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’]) . “/”);
      + } else {
      + exit(“http://” . $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] . dirname($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’]) . “/”);
      + }
      + }
      if ($version != ‘1.0’ && $version != ‘1.1’)
      report_problem(‘Function not found’, 404);

      • Richie Says:

        Thanks for the patch and saving me the pain of having to switch to the full server. This definitely fixed things for me.

  132. BR Says:

    This doesn’t seem to be working for me. I cannot make sense of this. I have gone through all the comments but still not working. I am using xampp in win7. If someone got it working in win7 xampp environment, can you post the step-by-step instruction on how you did it? Thanks

  133. Matthias Fleschütz Says:

    Hi Folx,
    I was running weave_minimal for a long time but with some minor update of FF4 and now with FF5 I dont get it running anymore…
    I also re-installed the weave_minimal and set up the client connection again.

    I always (FF5) get 404 errors on
    File does not exist: /XXXX/html-data/weave1.1
    File does not exist: /XXXX/html-data/weaveuser

    I also cared about the ending slash in the client setup, but it seems that the FF5 ignores this setting?

    Any ideas? Would appreciate any help as I wanna stay on minimal_server, the full-blown is not really “compatible” with my webserver vhost setup here.

    Thanks a lot,


    • tobyelliott Says:

      The problem is definitely the ending slash. Not sure why the client would remove it there – it doesn’t normally. Go into about:config and look for the sync preferences, and make sure there’s trailing slashes on there.

  134. Social bookmark Says:

    Share bookmarks…

    Weave Minimal Server « Tapestry…

  135. XSSERVER VPS Says:

    I am wanting to know if it is possible to do so. and if so can someone tell me how? Or if anyone knows someone who can do it for a small fee..

  136. no-ones-mouse Says:

    Tried this but got this:
    [Mon Sep 26 14:59:31 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: /web/rc/weave1.0
    [Mon Sep 26 14:59:31 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: /web/rc/weaveuser

    vhost config is:
    Alias /weave/ /www/roundcube/weave_minimal/index.php

    # php –version
    PHP 5.3.8-1~dotdeb.2 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Aug 25 2011 13:30:46)

    Linux 2.6.32 Debian Squeeze.

    # ls -la
    total 76
    dr-xrwxr-x 2 root www-data 4096 Sep 26 14:55 .
    dr-xr-xr-x 15 root root 4096 Sep 26 14:56 ..
    -r-x—— 1 root root 5091 Mar 23 2011 create_user
    -r–r–r– 1 root root 10129 Feb 4 2011 index.php
    ———- 1 root root 833 Sep 13 2010 README
    -r–r–r– 1 root root 6954 Jun 23 2010 weave_basic_object.php
    -r–rw—- 1 root www-data 8192 Sep 26 14:55 weave_db
    -r–r–r– 1 root root 18846 Mar 23 2011 weave_storage.php
    -r–r–r– 1 root root 6346 Jun 23 2010 weave_utils.php

    Why is it asking for the wrong place

  137. Sync at home – Weave minimal server on microapache | Eating knowledge, sharing thoughts Says:

    […] Elliot (Mozilla team), some months ago released a minimal version of the “real” sync server: it lacks all the user management api, but is a full […]

  138. Own Firefox Weave server » Boris Wach Says:

    […] systems but it’s large and hard to maintain. Even harder to get it working. There is also a Weave Minimal Server which you can run on your own server and connect to it. It’s much simpler and there are […]

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