Weave 0.3 Prototype Server

Feedback on the 0.3 API announcement went well, so it’s time to release a prototype of the server. The code is available from the weaveserver repository along with instructions for setting up a copy of the server and the local user creation API if you want to use that.

The server supports Mysql and SQLite backends, and the ability to mix and match between engines for handling the storage and the authentication. It is written entirely in PHP (the test program is in perl), and it requires json and PDO support for the storage backend of your choice.

There is not yet a corresponding Firefox client for this server, though one is obviously in the works. We debated internally whether it was useful to release just the server, and believe that it is of value. It allows the community to see (and comment on) the decisions we’ve been making, as well as spot potential pitfalls, bugs and potential areas for improvement. It also gives everyone the opportunity to play around with the server a bit and think about how they might use it once the full version goes live.

I’ve set up a thread on the Weave Forums for questions and discussion, and various members of the labs team are usually available on the irc.mozilla.org #labs channel.

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7 Responses to “Weave 0.3 Prototype Server”

  1. Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » about:labs, issue 1 Says:

    […] The Weave team is currently working on version 0.3 and has recently released a proposed Server 0.3 API, along with a new server prototype. […]

  2. xasima Says:

    Hi, Toby. Is it possible to get email contact with you? I’m gonna to create the very similar service as well (http://w-openstorage.blogspot.com/2009/01/w-openstorage-project-is-started.html), or even join or contribute the efforts, so i suspect that some communication except general weave forum would be helpful. I would also be happy if you would join my public mailing list as well, since it may increase success of the trend.

  3. Oliver Says:


    From what I’m reading, weave sounds great; it’s what roaming profiles always dreamed of being, but better.

    Just a minor issue I notice for me atm. You list MySQL and SQLite backends, Will there be more backands planned in the future? Most notably PostgreSQL?

    • tobyelliott Says:

      We’re not planning on any additional backends at this time, though the full interface to the storage and authentication server is available and it’s possible that someone will write it.

  4. Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Weave M4 Development Milestone Says:

    […] Redesigned sync protocol and server architecture. […]

  5. BlogZilla » Mozilla “Weave” M4 Disponibile Says:

    […] di sincronizzazione e architettura server […]

  6. Mozilla Labs roll out a developer release for Weave | Geekword Says:

    […] Redesigned sync protocol and server architecture. […]

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